Image Upscale is an image tool able to artificially enhance the resolution of images by up to 16x seamlessly and without the loss of details.

Most popular use cases:

  • E-commerce: Have old blurry family photos? No problem. Our Upscale API makes old photos new
  • Advertising & Marketing: Upsize images from standard banner sizes all the way to billboard size with Photo Upscale.
  • Social Media: Zoom in and crop posts without blurriness for maximum flexibility.
  • Printing: Ensure that your photos are print ready no matter the size of the print.

Picsart provides three upscaling solutions.

The classic Upscale method allows up to 8x upscale of the image. It is recommended to use this service when the original image is already of good quality.

The Ultra Upscale method allows up to 16x upscale of the image. This service is more advanced, exports much bigger images as well as smoothens and removes noise from the images.

The Ultra Enhance method also allows up to 16x upscale of the image. It's based on the generative technology and is the best out of all three Upscale options provided by Picsart. This method understands small details and renders those with bigger sizes. For example, if in the original image the necklace is too small, when upscaled, the necklace won't be some blurred and broken pixels, but it will look more realistic, smooth and nice.

Whenever there is a need to upscale to 8x, it's recommended to go directly after the 8x option. We don't recommend applying 2x on the same image several times to get the same result. Not only it's faster to do 8x at once, but also the quality of the result will be much higher.

The Upscale can be used both as a stand-alone tool or as a part of complex image-processing systems. As a tool, it helps graphic designers, web developers, photographers, and stock photo agencies.

Upscale can also be a part of image-processing systems built with workflow automation platforms such as Zapier. For example, you can use it to automatically upscale all low-resolution images (recognized by a recognition task), all user-generated content, or all images containing objects such as human faces or products that you sell (detected by object detection). This way, only high-quality images will be visible in product listings and on product pages.

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