How does Picsart handle CMYK?

Important facts:
  1. Any digital screen can render only RGB pixels.
  2. CMYK is a smaller set of colors compared to RGB. When bringing RGB to CMYK some colors get either cut down to the closest available CMYK or all colors do get non-linear mapping. This is all about "emulating" the CMYK.
  3. Real conversion to CMYK happens only at the print machine or during special processing at the print center. It all depends on how the PDFs are printed.
How does Picsart handle CMYK?
  1. Picsart renders the original digital editing result in our editor using RGB colors.
  2. Picsart transforms the RGB into a subset of RGB that matches the CMYK set.
  3. We have 4 different algorithms, similar to PS, to transform from RBG to CMYK (mimicking RGB)
  4. The CMYK colors will appears only in the PDF, so there will be a change in colors from Picsart editor to the MDSF print preview.
    • Text and Shape elements will support pure CMYK.
    • Images with no transparent pixels will support CMYK.
    • Images with transparent pixels cannot be supported by CMYK, so we will store them as RGB files, to be converted to CMYK during the actual printing process.
    • Having a CMYK preview in Picsart editor is a long term project that we can target in 6-12 month from now. Better not to be mentioned to the customer that we might do this. The chance of success is 50/50.
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